How To Dress For Golf

You’ve all seen those golf players on TV, and you can see that they almost have the same dress code. Yes, you can’t just wear any clothing in a golf course, you have to follow strict rules.

Generally accepted clothing are color polos, dress shorts, skorts, dress pants, sweaters, and pullovers and jackets on colder months.

Back then, people used to wear ties and dress shirts for golf, but now things got a little more lenient. Even with those requirements, those are already considered lenient, yes.

Public courses are less strict than private courses. You can get away with cargo shorts and an untucked shirt. While at private courses, you absolutely must tuck in your shirt.

Remember to wear something comfortable in order not to interfere with your swing. Don’t be afraid to experiment with colors. Go for vibrant colors, and sneakers that pop. Although sneakers are okay, you’re really missing out if you don’t wear cool golf kicks. If you want to wear a cap, always wear the brim forward. This isn’t your college, it’s a golf course.