How To Do a Great Golf Swing

There are 5 levels to a great golf swing.

First level to a great golf swing is a small swing with your feet close together and a minimal amount of wrist cock on the way back and then just drag the handle of the club past the ball, so that at impact the shaft is going to be leaning forward. This is going to encourage the smash factor on the ball.

Second level is adding an element of power into it. Add a little bend on your left wrist. It’s going to have a 90 degree angle from your left arm to the shaft. From this down align view, you will be pointing slightly inside to that target line.

The third level is the shoulder turn. It’s going to load you to that inside of your right foot.

The fourth level is going to follow through with your arms.

The fifth level is the full swing. The only thing you have to add is a full body release to the finish. If your body keeps going and your arms keep going, that’s a miss shot or a bad shot right there. You have to do a full body swing.