How To Choose Clubs

The rules of golf allow us to play a round of golf with 14 clubs in our bag, and each one of those clubs has a different purpose and use when we’re playing in the golf course.

The three basic types are: (1) irons, (2) woods, and (3) a putter.

Let’s talk about the irons first. Each iron has a different length and loft. The loft is the pitch angle on the golf club. This varies from each iron. The 3-iron is longer and has less loft than the 8-iron.

When you swing the 3-iron (that is if you swing it correctly) the ball will go further than when you hit it with an 8-iron, because the 8-iron is shorter.

There is no exact rule for how far you’re going to get the ball between golf clubs. The general rule is a 10 yard gap between one iron to the next iron.

For women, the gap is less. It’s between 5-7 yards.

The only way to know is to try it out yourself, and see how far the gap is between clubs.

The woods are the longest clubs in your set, and has the least amount of loft on it. A 1-wood or a driver is the longest club in the bag. It has the least amount of loft on it. If you swing it properly, the golf club is going to go the maximum distance.

The last but not the least is the putter. It’s the club you’re going to use around the greener when you’re hitting puts.