The 7 Steps To A Great Golf Swing

Golf season is just around the corner. Surely your colleague, boss, or friendly father-in-law is bound to invite you to a round of the famed sport. Don’t know the first thing about golf? Well, this article is here to your rescue.

After knowing the right equipment to use, that is, the functions of a driver, iron, and putter,  you can then start swinging.

Make sure that your grip is loosely in the base of your fingers with your right hand on the club before the left hand. Lock the pinkie finger of your right hand with the index finger of your left hand.

The first swing step is to stand with your feet just a little wider than your shoulders. Then line up parallel to where you want the ball to go. Bend your knees a little, and then bend forward at the waist. Make sure to keep your weight on the balls of your feet.

The second step is to bring the club back by rotating your shoulders from your back. Remember to cock your wrists when you’re already halfway up your back swing.



The third step is to keep your head still throughout the backswing. You don’t want the club to hit your face. That’s a boo boo you don’t want to experience. Rotate from your spine, and don’t turn your hips back.

The fourth step is to start the downswing by roatating your shoulders forward.

The fifth step is to rotate your forearms gradually throughout the swing.

The sixth step is to swing the ball, and not at the ball.

And the last step is to continue your swing naturally to a full swing. Don’t hesitate. Just let it flow naturally.

There you have it! The seven steps to a great swing.