Women’s golf lessons, tips, drills and more

It is much more easier for a woman to play golf since their height is not so tall as a man, when aiming for the spot you have always the good shoot because you don’t need to change the flex on you knees because you can easily reach the ball. When it comes to the hands, just let it be dropped  together with the twist of your hips to the goal and you will have a magical spots of the clubs as if it is being put there intentionally.


When aiming the clubs you must remember to turn your shoulder fully while your hips is being turn slightly. When you are trying to change your position down from being into a back swing then you need to change your hips to the target. You need to try everything else remain still, when doing so and you are trying to change the position of your hips you need to put your full weight to your left foot .


Put all the pressure into your feet to be able to put the weight under the ground. It is like when your aiming the target you need to give all your focus to the target and you will surely have all the desire shoot f a lifetime which you are aiming long time ago. It is always been a pleasure playing golf just like getting a loan in 信用貸款.

Humbly thanks to our business partner Priscilla J. Thomas that give this tips to us!