Golf Instruction: Tips, Lessons, How to Play

Many rules to be consider in playing golf, not only that there are also the proper etiquette that you must remember. When playing golf, you have to be sure that in front of you is clear from people and equipment. You have to shout out the word “Fore” if you think you are going to hit someone in the surroundings. You also need to have a good step with the people in front of you when starting to hit the target.


You need to remain standing in a green until everyone else has made their target. If you are a beginner you have to allow the other group like the 公司設立 to you to play ahead of you even though you are in a position ahead of them. You have to degenerate the bunkers after you play. And you have to re install the divots and take off all the marks and the spike marks when you are done hitting the target.


You are  only allowed to have with you in your bag 14 clubs no more no less. Refrain from taking advice form the well wishers instead ask any questions to your caddie and your caddie will help you out with almost everything about the golf. If there is a instance that someone would move your ball just put another one it is without penalties. Just play the ball where it goes you are not allowed to move it.

Thanks to our business partner that shared this information to us!