3 Exercises to Improve Your Golf Swing

Doing exercise is a very important in the game of golf, because you need to enhance your reflexes and your body and if you are new to this game and doesn’t know what and how to do a correct exercise to improve your swings, here are the tips that you should you in order for you to exercise correctly. Some golfers believe that a low score on the links begins in a great tee off and that is true. There are 3 ways to follow the correct exercise for your swings to practice.


First is the Address, you need to align your body from your head to your tailbone and hinge forward from your hips in 45 degrees and look at the ball. Extend your arms under your shoulders and the elbows must slightly bent and hold the club with a relax but very firm grip. Stand with your feet and must wider than your shoulders and the knees is slightly bent. Spread your weight evenly between the middle of your both  feet  and do not sit back on your heels.


And the Back Swing, You should bend your right elbow as you bring your left arm across your body and the elbow should be straight but not locked. Keep you hips squared and your body should engaged but firm just a nice  it is also firm and steady.  You can check the image for the complete guide.

Thanks to our business partner Timothy T. Riley that shared this information to us!