Golf Tip of The Day

There are so many tips that can be learn from playing golf, this time i will give you the different rules in playing golf and also the forms of golf and the types of club. First is the rules of playing golf  players are allowed to use at least 2 different kinds of club but not existing to 18,because players are aiming to hit 18 holes. Players can play golf  in an open course, next is the miniature golf players can play in a place where there is an artificial man made landscape.


Virtual golf  was played in a emulators,while office  golf  was played inside the office with a floor tracks. Playing golf needs an equipment there are various of them to mention . As the players must know there 29 types of different kids of weight,length and angle of the head. you will need a gloves to help you form doing the grip,you will also need a golf bag which was use to put all the equipment for heading into another course.


You must have a shoes with a very good spikes many of the golf course are slippery and shoes with spikes will help you with holding still to the course you are standing. There are various kinds of balls that are needed while practicing so if you are a beginner you must have this all even if you are on 會議桌 you can do it also.

Special thanks to our business partner Charlene S. Hunt that shared this information to us!