Basic Knowledge About Golf Explained

We all know by now that golf is not just a game for old retired dudes, it’s a game for everyone. However, not everyone can play it well. In any case, you have to at least follow the basic rules. In this article we lay out for you the basic know-how of everything there is to golf.

The rules of the game are simple. Using different clubs, at the very least 2 clubs, and not going over 14 clubs, you must try to hit the ball into 18 holes.

There are many types of golf. There is the golf on an open course. There is virtual golf that is played on simulators. There is miniature golf, which is a fast-paced game on a course with artificial surfaces (unlike greens). And lastly we have office golf–it’s golf in the office. That is, it’s played on artificial floor tracks.


The equipment of golf varies. There are 29 types of golf clubs with different weights, lengths, and head angles. You may also choose to equip yourself with golf gloves to prevent you from having blisters. There is the trusty golf club where you put all your clubs. Then shoes with spikes, and of course, the abused golf ball.

There are many types of clubs. The first is the wood, which is a long-distance club that is designed to hit the ball at a long distance.



The second type of club is the iron, which has many different angles for when you are approaching the green.

The last is the putter which is designed to keep the boll rolling along the grass. Find a holiday or weekend with some of your business partners and friends from marketing or internet sales industry, like 八拓行銷 or SEM,  for a casual golf playing.