Your Golf Adventure Awaits!

It’s incredible how expensive playing golf is, and yet people still enthusiastically shell out their money for their sport. Who can blame them? Golf is as addicting as smoking. Once you start, it’s difficult to get off it. Golfing has found a way in people’s hearts. Whether rich or not so rich. There’s something about shooting a tiny ball into a tiny hole in a fancy outfit that makes people want to get up so early in the morning to play the sport.

man-1703972_1920-1I remember the time my dad brought home prizes such as washing machines, a flat screen TV, washing machines, and such, because of golf tournaments. It’s amazing what a sport can do to a once alcoholic. That’s the beauty of golf, or any sport for that matter.

Like any sport, there are rules to the game, and there are certain techniques in getting the right swing. There is also science behind choosing the right golf clubs.

This website is dedicated to all that. We hope you enjoy our pages and we hope you get to pick up a driver afterwards. Enjoy!